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PETAL et al. Video Game Design and Development

Professional Entertainment Technology Arts Leaders

PETAL et al. is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that provides skills development and leadership training in the entertainment technology arts industry. Our goal is to help create more opportunities for technology arts career seekers and help them develop the skills necessary to get them there. We encourage and provide to those that have a passionate interest in the field with immersive learning opportunities, mentoring services, world class trainers, industry insiders and experts with expertise and track records in the industry.

The mission of PETAL et al. is to provide innovative training, mentorship and leadership skills for those not having the know-how or available resources to pursue their career goals in the entertainment technology arts industry. We believe in diversity and inclusion, and all of our projects will provide a diversified group of people, the necessary job skills development, hands-on learning, portfolio enhancement and collaborative networking to increase their potential for employment in the industry by creating bridges of opportunity. We will do this by partnering with industry leaders, educators, organizations and corporations for the development of programs to make jobs in the industry more tangible.

The vision of PETAL et al. and its founders is to inspire entertainment technology artists to push creativity, passion and their skills to the limit while utilizing productivity tools and practicing good business etiquette, whereas prospective employers will be on the look-out for and reach-out for talent coming out of PETAL et al.’s extensive and intensive program to pursue their goals.

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