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Patrice Turner

As a child, books provided me with a way of escape. Books instantly transported me to a different place - sometimes even a different time. In the pages of a book, I could be anythinganybody I wanted. I fell in love with words and their power and we're still enjoying a fantastic relationship.

Welcome to the Book Coach 101 community.

At Book Coach 101, our purpose is to support, promote and showcase our author's books, products, and services and to help them achieve their writing goals.

Please join us and learn the power of networking and building relationships with successful authors and businesswomen who know the amazing benefits of sharing and helping.

My passion is helping women overcome obstacles and challenges and navigate life's many twists and turns. I help you tell YOUR story. I do this through coaching, teaching, and training on writing, leadership, speaking, small business and publishing.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you, your business and your book!

Patrice Turner

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