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WELCOME to a place where you may explore a new paradigm for conscious, loving relationships. Begun in 1996, we've been helping singles & couples evolve their romantic paradigms & discover higher echelons of love, becoming as Angels Rising. Our events bring together individuals who are interested in serving each other to his or her highest good, as we deepen our core essences and synergize our efforts for a loving community of high integrity & compassionate souls. Consciously finding the Divine within, we more readily recognize the Divine in each other. This Divinity leads to our Bliss. Bliss is our birthright. We can enjoy this higher consciousness in our everyday lives. In fact, this higher consciousness is what helps us to make better choices and enjoy the lives we lead.

This all started many years ago, as Teresa was looking for a path that would build community as she followed a heart-centered approach to Love & Enlightenment ~

"I wanted more than androgynous relationships, yet something better than 'Neanderthal meets Barbie'. I felt the Sacred Feminine philosophy had a lot of wisdom to share with men, so I wanted to find men who would celebrate the feminine; both her intrinsic nature as well as her evolutionary trajectories. Together, the divine masculine & sacred feminine in each of us, create a world of balance & joy for all!"


For many years now, Teresa has been a Dating Coach with Relationship advice for singles and couples. Most of her clients have been Senior Executives from Fortune 100 companies & experts in the mental health field, who readily recognize the value of personal growth & transformation. 

Waking Up as a Spiritual Being is a program which underlies most of our programs. This philosophy and practice helps inspire safety for both masculine & feminine energies to consciously co-create romantic paradigms of the highest caliber. Working with your 'gender essence' is only part of cultivating a fulfilling love relationship.  Practicing love & relationship as a spiritual practice will help you grow as an individual as well as a couple.

Explore the journey of your awakening, share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas, ask questions, offer support, and decipher your values, as you develop your ability to negotiate your needs and wants in uplifting collaborations, as you navigate this eternal journey as Love incarnate! Learn to evolve agreements which align you with both yourself and your beloved, as you co-create ecstatic lifestyles for the good of all humanity. Feel your well-being ripple out to your communities, and to the world. Learn the universal laws which support your birthright of Bliss.

Let us know how we may assist you. We love to hear from you!

Together, we are making this world a better place,

Sincere wishes for your happiness,

Teresa & the Team


Relationship as Spiritual Practice

USA: +1 (415) 289-2213


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