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PasstheBaton-PayitForward, LLC

Pass the Baton-Pay it Forward is an organization orchestrated and developed from God and is driven in accordance to 2 Timothy 2:2. Our mission is to develop spiritual maturity, personal growth and help to discover the purpose within the youth and young adult women so they too, can spill over as greater servants unto God; thus creating a stronger body that becomes a force for the Kingdom of life and not death.

"Get your life back on track through encouragement, motivation & building up as indeed we do" is our motto.

The program uses a biblical-based curriculum that provides a platform for changing lives mentally and emotionally all while increasing spiritual development by helping the youth and young adult women discover WHO they are and WHOSE they are in Christ.

Christ calls us to encourage and equip others so that we can all worship Christ and live out a real, effectual, impacted, Christian life. Executing effective Teaching/Mentoring to those that choose to accept the baton not only allows us to speak into their lives; it also aids in assisting them to recognize hidden gifts and talents, take ownership for developing & achieving their goals all while helping to motivate and build their confidence.

Pass the Baton-Pay It Forward offers guidance, learning, and support under the instruction of the Holy Spirit which in turn helps execute instructions in love, with honesty and develops their drive to walk in purpose. Making mentors and "mentees" is also making disciples; because it gives a clearer vision and understanding of why Jesus himself chose twelve disciples that He equipped so that as He passed the baton; the, in turn, accepted the baton and passed/paid it forward; giving the platform and a purpose to form leaders who grow other leaders as an outgrowth of their growth.

For more information or to book a conference breakout session, please contact Machelle Foster at or by calling (469) 573-0332. 

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