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Partnership of the Historic Bostons, Inc.

The 800 Puritans who reached Massachusetts in 1630 constructed their first crude shelters in this “howling wilderness.” Between scurvy, harsh weather, and other hardships, half of those original arrivals perished or returned to England that first year. For those who remained, the first years were lessons in survival and adaptation. But as daily life became more stable, patterns of social structure and cultural values had space to emerge.


This year’s Partnership of Historic Bostons theme, From Theology to Commerce: the First Three Generations of 17th-century Boston, goes beyond the stereotype of the disapproving Puritan and explores how they arranged their society to reflect their feelings on social and religious status.


In this series of free presentations, panel discussions, and a brand-new walking tour, we’ll visit the first three generations of the Massachusetts Bay Colony from 1635 to 1686.  From slave ships to resisting royal demands to fashion (and more!), we’ll get a nuanced view of how the issues and concerns of a maturing Puritan settlement influenced its social structure.



From Theology to Commerce: the First Three Generations of 17th-century Boston is presented by the Partnership of Historic Bostons, a non-profit, all-volunteer group which brings to life the people and ideas of 17th-century Massachusetts. Join us!

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