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Paradoxum Consulting

At Paradoxum we believe that all businesses have the potential to make a significant positive impact in their communities, while also making a profit - and we help them get there!

Paradoxum Consulting, founded in 2018 by Tacoma residents Arianna Thornton-West and Ashley Sloan, grew out of shared passion and commitment to holistic sustainability.  They believe businesses have the incredible opportunity to create a significant, positive impact in their communities and the environment while making a profit. They seek to help businesses move away from fragmented thinking into whole systems approaches that effectively and responsibly work with our complex environmental and social systems.

OUR VISION: We envision a world where being a strong steward of the environment, an investor in workforce and community, and a profitable business is no longer a paradox. Rather the ability to operate with people, planet and profit in mind is seen as resilient, smart business.


OUR MISSION: Paradoxum is instilling regenerative practices into business operations and leaders, while making sustainability and its benefits accessible to small and medium sized businesses. 

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