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Pan American Bank

Pan American Bank is California's oldest and the U.S.'s second oldest Latino-owned bank. The Bank is headquartered in East Los Angeles, with branches in East Los Angeles and Santa Ana, California. 

Pan American Bank's mission is to transform and empower Latino communities through banking relationships built on trust, service, respect, communication, and guidance. 

Pan American Bank's Values include: 

TRANSFORMATION: Pan American Bank believes that banking products and services offered by a community-based bank can transform the community by retaining the financial resources within the community, and in the process improving the financial and political strength of the community. 

EMPOWERMENT: Pan American Bank empowers its customers by providing access to needed financial products and services that enable consumers and businesses to benefit from participation in the U.S. financial system. 

TRUST: Pan American Bank builds trust with each customer through honest and transparent relationships that extend beyond financial transactions. 

SERVICE: Pan American Bank is committed to providing its customers with an experience that surpasses that offered by any other financial institution serving the community’s needs. 

RESPECT: Pan American Bank is committed to meeting the needs of all of its customers, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability. Pan American Bank employees originate from the same countries and communities represented by our customers. We understand and serve the needs of our customers, regardless of their level of acculturation, or the extent of their financial services needs. 

COMMUNICATION: Pan American Bank maintains Spanish-speaking staff at every customer-facing position to ensure consistent and effective communication. 

GUIDANCE: Pan American Bank guides customers in navigating the maze of financial products by providing the information necessary for customers to make informed financial decisions.

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