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Our Children's Story

Established in 2012, Our Children's Story was created to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. We also focus on educating, uplifting and inspiring families who feel alone in this lifestyle.  In addition, we support families in their fight for access to cannabis oil to help treat their love one's. 



Our Children's Story mission is to uplift, inspire and educate families who care for children with (dis)Abilites. We will provide empowerment sessions, workshops, and events that will help raise money and awareness. Money raised will be filtered back into the community to assist families who are having a financial hardship due to medical expenses.



Our Children's Story believes that we can bridge the gap for those families who feel alone and don't have anyone to turn to. Families who feel they aren't educated enough and/or confident enough to speak up and out.  We want to give encouragement to those families who get left behind because they simply just don't know. 




*Workshops (Quarterly) 
Our Children's Story will offer marriage and coping workshops to assist families with the stress that occurs when caring for a child with special needs.

*Empowerment Sessions (2x's Per Year)
Raising a child with special needs takes an emotional toll on the parents. The empowerment sessions will help offer support as well as advice on how to get and stay empowered. 

*Counseling (Quarterly)
Individual and family counseling is very important in order to survive the struggles that come with raising a child with special needs. Counseling will be offered to help families work through issues that can cause divorce as well as breakdowns that can occur within families.

Offering families a website that gives 80% of the resources that are available to families within the state of Georgia. Our Children's Story will have a few out of state resources, however, the website is geared towards the state of Georgia.

Our Children's Story will offer families an opportunity to get out and have fun with or without their children. We want to offer activities that are family friendly and occasionally parents only. 

*Grant Opportunities (Quarterly)
Our Children's Story desires to offer grant opportunities to families who are in need of medical equipment insurance will not cover. We will also extend the grant opportunity to those who do not have insurance.

*Emergency Financial Assistance 
Our Children's Story desires to offer families an option if they are in a financial hardship. This will assist in paying utilities or rent for a family in a financial crisis.

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