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Orion Dental Sales, Training & Repair

Orion Dental Sales, Training & Repair,, has been in business almost twenty years as an independent handpiece sales and repair center. We are the world's largest provider of dental handpiece training. We offer training courses, training packages & training seminars which offer Certification in dental hanpiece sales and repair. We have trained people from all over the world to open a dental handpiece sales and repair center including customers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We also provide the best value in opening your new handpiece sales and repair business.


We provide a superior service to local dentists in our area in comparison to our national competitors. We are much quicker with next day service on highspeeds and two to three day service on slowspeeds, have better service than our national competitors and we can meet or beat any competiors prices on repairs or handpieces.


Knowing the demand for this business service, as well as, the recognition that an independent option is more preferrable by most people than a franchise, we continue to offer our training packages, seminars and courses with one time fees rather than a franchise fee structure. Our new business start-up training courses, seminars and packages will offer all the necessary training, knowledge, and contacts to open this business as an independent dental sales and repair center rather than a franchise. We offer these training courses in addition to our regular handpiece business, and normally will train 6-12 people per year privately. Over the last fifteen years we have trained over 200 people from around the world including people from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guyanna, England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Itlay, India, Thailand, South Korea and Australia. We have trained people from all walks of life who have never had any dental experience in the past. In addition, we have trained people;

  • that now offer dental handpiece training
  • dentists
  • hygenists
  • engineers
  • hospital bio medical technicians
  • Patterson Supply house representatives
  • VA personnel
  • And many other people.


We offer private training courses--three days of hands on training covering either Highspeed handpiece repair or Lowspeed handpiece sales and repair, along with accounting, marketing, and new business start-up. And, we offer training seminars. Our private courses will include intensive hands on handpiece repair training at the repair desk including highspeed drills, slowspeed drills, nosecones, contra angles and ultra-sonic scalers. In addition to handpiece training each day, we will cover another aspect of the business such as marketing or accounting, depending on course chosen. We also offer an optional suggested shop tools and parts package. Most people choose to come for both courses together and purchase the shop/tools packages with the training courses, what is described as our Gold Package.


Amanda Laird and Paul Laird, the owners of Orion Dental Sales, Training and Repair began the business together nearly 20 years ago with the intention of having a better quality of life with a career that could be shared together with unlimited growth potential.

We had three requirements as we chose to open a dental handpiece sales and repair center;

  1. Low start up costs
  2. Immediate Cash Flow or High Demand
  3. Not Labor Intensive

Having both previously been business managers, we did not want to post schedules for employees anymore and were looking for a simpler business to operate and grow. Paul has a Bachelor degree in Business Management with a minor in International Economics. Paul graduated from the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, and also studied in Europe at the Katholieke Universiteit of Brabant, Netherlands. And, Paul has over 25 years of training experience with literally thousands of people trained including completion of training seminars from leading manufacturers. Amanda is an accomplished sales and marketing manager with over 20 years of experience in marketing. Both, Amanda and Paul originally came from Florida before living in Seattle for the last dozen years.


Picture of Amanda & Paul
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