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Orenda Academy

Orenda Academy is a 10-part personal development program for students in the Bay Area. 

We help students:

  • To become more self-motivated
  • To have better time management
  • Become more aware of their personal strengths, interests, passions, and values
  • To have the ability to become more extraverted and confident in social situations




“My coach changed my life. This program helped me a lot, it was like an inflection point of my life. And I’m sure this program will help more and more students to find their life goals. I feel like I’m free from my own prison, I’m not confused about my life, my goal and my future anymore. Overall, this program is fantastic!”

Allen G. (10th Grade)

"This program helped clarify my goals. As a result I started looking into more opportunities to volunteer at a low-income clinic and hopefully that will help me determine if I want to pursue that goal or not."

Lynette L. (9th Grade)

“Orenda has mostly influenced my productivity habits and the way I look at thought. I have become more motivated to improve myself because I see a goal for myself and I understand that I don't have forever to realize it.”

Jeff L. (9th Grade)



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