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OR Movement

Israel’s population is growing at a fantastic rate: by the year 2048 it is predicted to double and reach 16 million. While the center of Israel becomes increasingly overcrowded by the day, the Negev and Galilee remain vastly underpopulated. At OR Movement, we see these areas as the future of Israel, and home to uncountable opportunities.

Our mission is to bring the Negev and Galilee to be centers for population in their own right, with independent and thriving populations – in time for Israel’s 100th birthday in 2048. 

Since 2002, we’ve been working to develop the Negev and Galilee to turn them into attractive living options for all populations. To date, we’ve established 9 new communities; revived 68 rural and urban communities that were seeing population decline or extinction; guided 28 “Seed Groups” of young pioneers to develop communities in need; built 84 community facility projects; and in total have nearly 33,000 pioneers living in our new and renewed communities.

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