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Opus Academy

Build High-Performance Teams through Strategic Learning Solutions

Improve team performance through our Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, and Leadership Programs

 Your people are your organization’s greatest edge. With how the face of business has changed in the past decade, ensuring your people’s growth is the best way to secure your brand’s success. At Opus Academy, we aim to share our expertise to help you and your brand grow and achieve your full potential.

 We offer leadership and business training courses that will teach you the skills, strategies, and best practices needed in today’s time-conscious environment. We don’t just give you theories, we provide you with actual insights you can apply to real-world situations to help you attain real-world growth and success.

 How can Opus Academy help your organization?

Opus Academy is your partner, whether you’re a foreign company looking to augment your reach and capabilities or a local business aiming to expand your operations. Our courses equip you with the knowledge you need to overcome the hurdles you encounter along the way.


        Choose from our wide selection of courses and learn the trends and best practices essential in today’s business environment
        Be equipped with the right skillset and insights to grow your brand and achieve your full potential as a leader
Be trained and coached by the Opus Academy team, composed of experts with years of experience in business and leadership strategies
        Customize your training and coaching sessions according to the unique requirements of your organization
        Optimize your learning gains through in-depth discussions that cover both theory and real-world insights


What can you learn at Opus Academy?


Improve your organization’s performance by ensuring that your people have the skills and knowledge needed to secure growth. Here are some of the skills you can learn from our courses:


•    Lean – Learn how to work with your team to solve problems and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your process

•    Operational Excellence – Maximize your operations, improve your outcomes, and become a leader in customer service and worker empowerment

•    Agile Project Management – Learn to manage and accomplish projects faster and with greater efficiency by dividing them into simpler, more doable iterations

•    Data Analytics – Get more value from any data your organization gathers by learning to obtain and condense useful data and insights

•    Automation – Augment your processes and outcomes while minimizing delay and the risk of errors

•    Problem Solving – Be empowered to find solutions to any problems using both generic and out-of-the-box solutions


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