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Opulent Living

In 2013, after a failed attempt at securing cyanide to kill myself, I decided to grow up. 

I woke up and touched a place within me that won’t allow me to act like I’m normal or asleep or like mediocrity or lying to myself is ok. 

I finally chose to admit that my unfiltered presence alters people’s states in deeply meaningful ways. Before growing up, I chose to pretend to not know this. 

I catch and cut through all kinds of slick, destructive detours, self-abuse, and disconnection that’s insanely and sadly common among the human species. 

I don’t allow fear to stop me from confronting or engaging with anything in the human or superhuman experience. I find infinite expansion and intense pussy power in leaning into it. It’s definitely a turn-on, a high. 

There’s no step-by-step to this growing up thing. I trust myself and my clients enough to know that we can rely on all the information that rises, and I use whatever tools are called for in the moment; tools I’ve sharpened over the years as a serial entrepreneur, a divorcee, a black person, a human, a big sister, an aunt, and a woman who’s been tapped time and time again for initiation. Sound familiar? :-) 

I don’t apologize for anything that’s true to me, and I hold a supreme internal standard so anyone in my space who I’m present with and who’s open can crack, be radically honest, claim the entirety of themselves, and expand their capacity for greater connection, greater receiving, and deeper intimacy. 

I happily support women entrepreneurs who are committed to cultivating their powers and bringing those powers outside themselves and into their work for profit and impact. 

If you feel drawn to working privately with me, feel welcome to send me a personal email. My email address is below. I’d love that.

With Love,

Naima Singletary
Multiple 6-Figure Wealth & Womanhood Mentor  

Founder, The Academy for Womanhood

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