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#operation365 + Fiona Hurle (Human Behaviour and Performance Specialist)

Where will you be a year from now?'

#operation365 is about living life each day. Taking incremental steps towards goals. Finding your community. Getting out of the comfort zone to enjoy all that life has to offer.

#operation365 is for:

• women

• 35+ years of age

• women of business (either your own or you are employed by a business)

• saying 'enough' to the stress, tired, unhealthy, lonely, boring old way of life and striving to enjoy a fuller, fun, enriching experience each and every day with a community of like minded women

• exploring putting themselves first through connection with others, their health, their wellbeing and a higher quality of engagement with others

It's a community where we can enjoy experiences, adventures, personal development, fun times, laughs, being light-hearted and doing those things that perhaps you are too scared to try on your own. 

It's a fun supporting environment to empower ALL to 'LIVE Your Life' to the fullest.

Hosted by Human Behaviour and Performance Specialist, Fiona Hurle, who's passion is to assist women to become the best version of themselves through the vehicle of health - inner, mental, emotional and physical - and the ripple effects that has in other areas of life, such as career/business, relationships, money and connection to community.

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