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OpenMRS Inc.

OpenMRS1, Limited is a United States-based, Indiana non-profit corporation that represents the OpenMRS project in legal and financial matters.

The organization's purpose is to support the OpenMRS community in it's mission to improve health care delivery in resource-constrained environments, including developing countries; and working with and coordinating a global community to create and support sotware to manage medical records and other health care systems in developing countries and to resource-constrained environments. It aids in creating and distributing OpenMRS by securing cash, hardware, and other donations, then using donations to aid OpenMRS development and promotion.

The organization was originally founded as OpenMRS, LLC, to create a legal entity capable of representing the OpenMRS project. The growing popularity of OpenMRS also made it necessary to establish a thin organizational layer that is capable of handling all legal and financial interests of the OpenMRS community process.

In 2012 OpenMRS1, Limited, was registered as non-profit corporation under Indiana law. It is currently awaiting determination from the United States Internal Revenue Service for US federal non-profit status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. After this determination is received, the organization will be renamed to OpenMRS Inc.

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