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One Nation Working Together

ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER is about reordering our nation’s priorities to invest in our most valuable resource – our people.  We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream – a secure job, a safe home, and a quality education – but bankers and corporate lobbyists have made off with trillions of public dollars while small businesses can’t get loans and cities are laying off teachers, police, and firefighters.

In this time of economic crisis, it is easy for fear-mongerers to pit groups against each other and to find convenient scapegoats for the problems that plague us. 

ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER has a new story to tell and we want you to be a part of it. Sign up today and march with us in Washington, DC on 10-2-10 to create millions of good jobs, repair our immigration system, and reform Wall Street! Your voice is essential to demanding the change we voted for.

Organizations and individuals that are already involved with the One Nation Movement include 1199 SEIU, the NAACP, TWU Local 100, Bill Lynch & Associates, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Rev. Al Sharpton, and many more.

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