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One Holistic Place


Heart disease is often referred to as the silent killer.  Many people in Hawai`i are not aware that they suffer from, or are at risk of, a chronic illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.  Fortunately, these illnesses can be controlled and often prevented with education, lifestyle changes and proper treatment.  Dr. Bruce S. Anderson, during his time in office as Director of Health in Hawai’i, stated “problems that cause the most illness and premature death in Hawai’i—heart disease, cancer, and diabetes—are largely the result of smoking, poor nutrition, and lack of physical activity.  The sad fact is that these conditions are most often preventable.” 

One Holistic Place is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing a culturally sensitive and holistic approach to health care to prevent chronic illness in the Hawaiian population.  The holistic approach assesses and treats the entire person: mind, body, and spirit.  The goals are to increase the quality and years of a healthy life and to eliminate health disparities, and address the health needs of the underserved populations in Hawaii County.  Our organization offers monthly therapeutic seminars and complimentary health screenings periodically throughout the year.  One Holistic Place is collaborating with health care providers, cultural experts and organizations on the Hawai’i Island to improve access to healthcare and research the effects of a holistic and culturally-sensitive health model for the Hawaiian population.

One Holistic Place offers seven-day health camps for Hawaiian teenagers and adults who are at risk for or have recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness.  The individuals attending the seven-day health camps will receive intensive health education and support in at therapeutic environment. Participants will learn to make healthier lifestyle choices to prevent or improve chronic illness, and prevent consequences and comorbidities related to chronic disease.  They will have the opportunity to positively impact the lifestyle choices of their friends and family by sharing the knowledge and experience attained during the program.  Ongoing support and follow-up will be provided to encourage maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and assess and treat the overall physical, mental, and social well being of each individual.  

The One Holistic Place health camp activities and educational programs include: (1) Educational health seminars focusing on their illness, prevention, treatment, nutrition, effects of alcohol and tobacco. (2) Daily exercise (3) Daily guided meditation with discussion during the seven-day program and the option to attend monthly sessions in North Kohala. (4) Hula classes, cultural activities and “talk story”. (5) Healing touch, Lomi Lomi and Reiki.  (6) Farming and cooking lessons. 

State Senator Joshua Green M. D. states, “Ms. Allen's objectives, through her work with One Holistic Place, are very well aligned with the Senate Health Committee's priorities of education and primary prevention to address chronic disease.  In Hawai'i, we have several challenges to keep people well including a severe provider shortage and a lack of resources to provide comprehensive health education. Programs such as One Holistic Place, go a long way toward addressing these challenges.” 

The health camp programs are available for Hawaiian teens, young adults and families.  The diverse team of health care providers and cultural teachers will provide a strong foundation for participants to learn and adopt healthy lifestyle changes that will have lasting effects.




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