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Oluchi Zelda Opara

Oluchi Zelda Opara has been a haircare industry favorite in African American educational hair spaces and outlets. As a licensed cosmetologist, her 16+ years of real world, behind the chair experience, coupled with her energetic and upbeat approach to modern education makes her a highly saught after asset by both major companies and private salons alike.

An educational session with Oluchi offers an un-orthodoxed experience of higher education, served on a "keep-it-real" platter. Oluchi's mission is to empower the everyday hair stylist to create and retain a 6+ Figure yearly income (or better) working as a hair stylist.

Although she is well versused at ALL HAIR TYPES, her specialities include Short Hair Mastery and Coloring and Decolorizing multi-textural, overly curly, relaxed or natural hair. Her teaching is intertwined with education, motivation, inspiration, personal development and execution strategies. Any event of Oluchi Zelda Opara is NOT one to be missed.

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