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Oliver Manalese runs a leadership consulting company. He is an expert in coaching, consulting, and training achievement-oriented leaders in Aligned Reinvention. With a focus on sustainable high performance and improved quality of life, Oliver is committed to guiding clients through a deep, lasting transformation. 


Ontology and Phenomenology are at the heart of his work. Simply put, he focuses on the ways we are being, our relationship to reality and how it shapes what we see is possible. In an era of overwork and burnout, achieving a shift in being is what creates a sense of presence, power, and freedom. Integration of the mind and body is also foundational. Our bodies are our instrument to experience and move through the world. It is also the vehicle for the application of our gifts. Developing and connecting the intuition and instincts of our body with the intelligence of our mind results in a renewed experience of health, happiness, love, and self-expression.


After working with Oliver, many clients say, "I am living a life I once thought was impossible!” Whether it's personal or professional projects, Oliver’s clients report having a lasting sense of inner peace, satisfaction, confidence, joy, and abundance.  Clients become better practiced at breaking through resistance, accessing a new level of authenticity, and creating a life they love.

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