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Old Grove Farmshare

Old Grove Farmshare is a small group of LA Basin farmers dedicated to rebuilding a values-driven local food system by collaborating with our community's like-minded eaters.  We believe our food should be:

  • Delicious - let's focus on taste and variety, not durability or plastic appearance
  • Healthy - Let's eat organic as much as we can, and encourage more local farmers to grow organic
  • Local - By eating local, lets create jobs in our communities, preserve our open green space, continue our rich agricultural heritage, and keep people who know how to grow food in our community
  • Fair - Let's grow food for all our community, not just for the elite, and let's give our farmworkers a living wage, stable jobs, and a fair workplace
  • Humane - Let's grow sustainably, making our soil richer year after year instead of despoiling it

We can take our food future into our own hands!  Join us and let's eat together in abundance and health!

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