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ODID (Organization for Dondon's Integral Development)


The Organization for Dondon's Integral Development (ODID ), is a non-for profit organization comprised primarily of Haitian-American expatriates looking to improve the welfare of the population of Dondon, a small town in Northern Haiti. The town used to be a vibrant town but after an invasion of mites, the coffee crops were killed off leaving the town isolated and the people struggling for basic needs like water and food and healthcare.


Dondon is a modest but idyllic town with great potential for ecotourism. It counts more than 10 caves; has beautiful mountains and sits at the shadow of the largest fort of the Caribbean, a UNESCO world heritage. Using a comprehensive, self-improvement community approach, ODID Is working to promote ecotourism, educational, cultural, civic, recreational, health and social programming to empower families and stimulate economic growth and development of the town.


Our specific activities include:


  1. Hosting an annual cultural historical cultural ecotourism “Festival Des Grottes”
  2. Organizing health missions to offer basic services in a new health center and in the rural villages
  3. Promoting local and international tourism through guided tours and excursions
  4. Implementing a sanitation campaign to increase latrine construction
  5. Hosting Radio shows for health communication messaging and other awareness campaigns
  6. Sustaining social programs through music, arts/crafts, toys giving including sports such as karate, soccer, volleyball, and basket ball

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