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NYC Compost Project hosted by Queens Botanical Garden

Composting is nature's recycling. We can speed up the process by creating the ideal conditions for the rapid decomposition of organic materials, such as leaves, vegetable, and fruit peels. Compost is the dark, curmbly, soil-like material that remainse once organic materials have decomposed.

In 1993, the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) created the NYC Compost Project, which established compost programs at the City's 4 botanical gardens and the Lower East Side Ecology Center in Manhattan. Today, DSNY's Bureau of Recycling & Sustainability funds and manages compost projects in all 5 boroughs and also maintains a comprehensive website on composting.

The NYC Compost Project hosted by Queens Botanical Garden works to educate Queens and the rest of New York City on the many benefits of composting. These benefits include bringing nutrients back to our city soils, and creating a sustainable and healthy environment.

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