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N.U.E. Event Planning & Services "New Unique Experiences"

NUE is a full-service event planning company providing creative solutions to meet your event planning needs, with a wide array of offerings enhancing the overall customer experience. If it's an excuse to get together and socialize we can plan it for you. 


NUE also specializes in creating more upscale and sophisticated social event scenes that are seamless, sophisticated and fun. NUE’s objective is to fulfill the desires of the elite socialites who want to be catered to in style. We want to bring our clients a unique experience that embodies our progressive mindset and expands our options.


We at NUE pride ourselves in providing a New Unique Experience to your next event that exceeds your expectations, and allows you to not only enjoy your party, but to see the people that mean the most to you having the time of their lives. We are the trendsetters of the social scene and everything we do is NUE!

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