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Not Only Street Records

There is a process to getting a record deal, its not always the easiest thing to get your music out there. You must first understand how record labels truly work.

You must begin to play on a consistent basis and begin to develop a devoted local fan base.

Once you start being recognized by the general public and continue getting your music known, you begin to move to the next level in music.

"We work with musicians who are looking to break into the entertainment industry, but who have struggled to find the contacts they need and are frustrated that they don’t know how to make that breakthrough. We work with you to make that transition from playing locally and developing a following, into getting a recording deal and establishing yourself as a sought after act.

We understand that it can be frustrating trying to break into this industry and overwhelming when you look at all the competition, but we are passionate about helping and supporting upcoming new talent and introducing them to new audiences.

Not Only Street Records is dedicated to helping you break into the music business."

"Are you a musician, performer or song writer who has been frustrated in your attempts to break into the music industry? Have you been trying to develop your career in music but keep coming up against brick walls or delays that you just don’t know how to get around? We work with artists who are passionate about music, who have talent and who are determined to get into the industry. We understand that the competition is fierce, but every year bands and artists make that breakthrough and we are an independent record label dedicated to helping you become one of them.

"We are focused on musicians and upcoming musical artists who want to make a career for themselves in the entertainment industry, but who are frustrated they lack the contacts within that industry to enable them to break in. At Not Only Street Records we are dedicated to help you. Our goal is to help you make the break into this competitive industry so you can concentrate on building and developing your career within it."

dB Heard has performed over 400 places; written, produced, and performed in a host of commercials and has contracted work for Record Companies in the Virginia and North Carolina areas. dB has performed such places as Miss Capital City, Central Park, 6902, Papa Doc's, Twez Enuff, Channell 27, 13 and 49, Cumulus Broadcasting, Topeka, Performimg Arts Center, Kansas Expo Center, Highland Park & Topeka High Schools, Juneteenth, The Granada, Worlds of Fun, All-Nite Live, Ottawa State University, Big Brother & Big Sister, Colortyme Television, the Menninger Foundation, School District 501, The Bottleneck, The Boobie Trap and many others. 
The dBHeard Publishing Group! has over 30 years of Music Business experience, administering management techniques, speaking at seminars, and talent development.

Our goal is to help serious artist and performers with the necessary steps to market their talent and material on a professional level.
dB is always in search of talent to present to affiliates.

If your in need of entertainment related services feel free to make contact:

Phone: 310.359.9659 Ext 3
Fax: 310.359.9659

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