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Northwest Parkinson's Foundation

Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation (NW Parkinson’s) is the lifeline of HOPE that guarantees no one walks the Parkinson’s journey alone. 


NW Parkinson’s transforms the way people live with Parkinson’s in Washington, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana through community connections, awareness, and advocacyWe are an independent, grassroots organization that listens to our communities. We connect the estimated 100,000 people impacted by Parkinson’s in the Northwest to critical healthcare, technology, education, and support. 


Our staff is committed to partnering with all people affected by Parkinson’s, including those living with the diagnosis, carepartners, family, friends, and service providers. We find solutions to the challenges created by Parkinson’s for the whole family. 


Every gift, every donation to NW Parkinson’s stays right here in the Northwest. We continue to build significant alliances that facilitate increased access to care, information, and support, so no one walks the Parkinson’s journey alone.