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North East Florida Jazz Association

In May 1986, "Jeep" and Muriel McCoy contacted the memberships of various organizations within Palm Coast requesting lovers of Jazz to meet at their home on a specified date. Forty people responded to the request. All agreed that their love for music in general and their affection for Jazz in particular, was strong enough to warrant the formation of an organization. That organization has become known as the North East Florida Jazz Association (NEFJA). Musicians, students of music and others who loved Jazz, but were themselves non-performers, decided to take on the task of educating the public as to the value of understanding and preserving this valuable, rich western world's only original art form. 

As a non-profit organization, NEFJA, Inc. has been dedicated to the perpetuation, the performance, the preservation and the promotion of Jazz. Some of our past activities include dinner dances; bus trips to Jazz and Music Festivals; Jazz in the park; presentation of Armed Service Jazz bands in Palm Coast, and our ongoing annual Jazz series of concerts at the Museum of Arts and Science in Daytona Beach. NEFJA is always open to innovative ideas for exposing our membership to above average Jazz events.