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North Country Child Safety Coalition/St. Lawrence County Traffic Safety Program

This course is required for anyone who wishes to receive a car seat from the Low Income Distribution Program.  Expectant parents in the last trimester, or parents of children who are using an unsafe seat, may qualify.  Attendees will be pre-screened to determine whether they qualify to receive a seat. You must bring proof of Income, such as a WIC or Social Services ID.  Currently we are unable to provide childcare at this class. Attendees who successfully complete the class will be given a voucher or vouchers to bring a local fitting station, where they will receive the seat and assistance with installation. Car seats are only given to the primary caregiver, one seat per child. PLEASE PARK ACROSS THE STREET IN THE COURTHOUSE VISITOR PARKING.  Accessible parking spots are available for a limited number of attendees with valid permits. What are the rules about smoking on County Property?  St. Lawrence County is a smoke-free zone.  No smoking is allowed in or near County Buildings.


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