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NoMads Art Collective

NoMads is a group of artists, philosophers, and adventurers exploring what it means to create art in a socially conscious way: inviting audiences to engage with their community and the world at large through collaborative works of theatre.  We believe in an experimental process and the inclusion of contradictions within a single moment.

NoMads Art Collective was founded in 2013 by Ben Claus and Scott Jackoway.  Both young emerging artists, they spent the summer of 2013 planning and creating art which culminated in the NoMads Art Gallery and the first NoMads production, April Come She Will.  Since these first projects We have continued to challenge ourselves and our audiences with our work.  The core principle of the NoMads style is to experiment, to try the second option, to put contradictions into the same moment.  It is through these artistic principles that NoMads has found its distinctive voice, combining humor and absurdity with political conscience.  We value original work, and are always looking to grow and include new voices in our collective.


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