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Visionary of Awakenings Family Resort & Spa. 

"Awakenings" is a community of people who have a clearer understanding of the circumstances that lead to a healthy and more objective society. The Resort and Spa is currently in the conceptual stage. This resort will provide family and individual counseling (mind), spa treatments (body) and spiritual balance (spirit). 

I believe that when one person is diagnosed with a mental illness or behavioral issue, the treatment is limited due to the lack of self-development among the people around that person (typically family). By treating the entire family as well as each member individually we build connections with family members using compassion and understanding which weakens judgments and the stigma of mental illness or trauma.

During the stay, an education program on fitness and nutrition and other spa services/activities to promote a family foundation of self-care provides a treatment that can be taken back to their homes. This approach of caring for the individual inside and out in a relaxing and luxurious environment will turn perceptions of self-care from selfish to selfless. 


Noelle is also the author of the upcoming book "Break Out Not Down" and the developer of the online course. 

Break OUT Not Down the online course is a program for individuals who feel the pull to walk away from their job or relationship(s). That pull can feel isolating and shameful and is usually minimized by titles such as "Break Downs" or "Mid-life Crisis". This pull that is being experienced, is a calling and may not be a crisis but rather, Christ. 

This course will help guide these individuals to their own self-awareness with the goal to gain insight into specific behaviors that are either healthy responses or dysfunctional reactions. Individuals will learn new behaviors that will meet their needs without bringing harm to themselves or others.

I believe that when we awaken to the world that was once pure darkness to us, we see everything with clarity, love, and light. Without warning, we all slip back into that darkness. But once we have seen the beauty of life and the meaning behind our hard lessons and traumas, we gain a new respect for experiences (good and bad) and we develop a fearless drive to experience all that life has to offer. 

As a Bon Jovi fan, Live while you're alive. 


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