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Noël and Company's Eva Le Gallienne Festival 2013

Premier Theatrical Salon

An exciting new classic salon series. We offer book-in-hand, fully blocked readings of U.K. plays from 1900 onward. Now in our second year, we are proud to present the world's first Eva Le Gallienne Festival, celebrating a near forgotten pioneer of our American Theatre. We aim to provide our audience with un-compromising acting standards, consistency, and a commitment of excellence to our playwrights.

Miss Le Gallienne began the Civic Rep. in 1926 - the country's first clasical repertory company. Already a young star at the time she turned her back on fame to bring to our country a real 'people's theatre', focusing on the very highest of acting standards, the greatest of plays and affordable pricing. At Noël and Company we share this mission with Le G and are proud to carry that vital torch for this courageous trailblazer and true artist.

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