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Nisandeh Neta

Why should you work with me?
Because if you’re looking for extraordinary levels of happiness, health, wealth and wisdom… I might be able to guide you there.

Once upon a time, many decades ago, in a land far, far away, when I was lost and broken, a spiritual teacher told me: “you are destined to become a guide, taking people to places they never dreamed existed!”

For many years I thought he was more of a crazy man than a holly man. But today I know how wise and knowing and compassionate he was when he described my path…

I’ve been researching, studying, practicing and using every day some of the most powerful strategies, methods and habits when it comes to:

Happiness – living on purpose, fulfill your potential and creating a tribe (or a new society)
Health – nutrition, workout, relaxation, detox, anti-aging and longevity
Wealth – earning ability (earning IQ), financial freedom and contribution
Wisdom – growth, personal development, spiritualty, leadership and legacy

And I’m a pretty damn good teacher. I know how to simplify these big topics and make them actionable. I know how to inspire people to go for their best. And I’m really good at kicking ass… If that’s what is needed…

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