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Nirim Foundation



Nirim transforms the lives of hundreds of girls and boys that are defined by the State of Israel as youth at high risk.


We are committed to create meaningful educational-therapeutic processes to bring youth at high risk to take responsibility over their lives. We aspire to lead them back to the heart of society and adopt human, Zionist and Jewish values, by empowering their self-development and by helping them to achieve personal goals: full matriculation diploma at school and meaningful service in the IDF.


We genuinely believe that youth at high risk can overcome their harsh life circumstances and acquire the tools, values and self-confidence to allow them to rewrite their life story.



"I wish that EVERY CHILD could get some part of NIRIM in their life"

“They showed me the way and NEVER GAVE UP on me”

"A day after I arrived I found myself CLIMBING A MOUNTAIN. Four days later I found myself at the end of the trek. Such a SUCCESS FEELING that I never experienced before. My smile stayed for hours later"

“At Nirim I learned THERE’S WILLPOWER INSIDE OF ME. I broke boundaries that I never thought I would”

“I arrived at Nirim nine months ago. I had difficulty in ACCEPTING AUTHORITY and boundaries. I used drugs, alcohol… My time at Nirim was hard, but meaningful. I didn’t fit in, I ran away… But, in the end, I realized that THIS WAS THE BEST PLACE FOR ME”

“The trek was difficult, but we were taught that if we SURVIVE THE TREK we can achieve ANYTHING IN LIFE”

“I finished the PROCESS with a different state of mind. A different way of thinking and talking. I have loads of tools and techniques that I was given and also BUILT FOR MYSELF. I also leave here with lots of friends, friends who are good for me, friends filled with love, with deep concern and with similar ambitions for a normal life. So, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!”

"NIRIM gave me great strength to handle REAL LIFE"

“I would GIVE EVERYTHING to go back there”

“I learned to survive, gained SELF-CONFIDENCE… I know how to TRUST my friends, a team that became my FAMILY”

“I don’t know WHERE I WOULD BE if I wasn’t here”

"At Nirim I learned how to DEVELOP MY SKILLS AND TALENTS. I learned to play a musical instrument, I learned what it means to be PART OF a basketball team”

“It was the beginning of my personal LIFE CHANGING journey”

“At Nirim I got LOVE AND WARMTH in many shapes and colors”

“At Nirim I learned to be a PART OF A TEAM”

“Nirim is my second HOME and sometimes my FIRST”

“I learned how to EXPRESS MY FEELINGS in words instead of violence”

“For me, Nirim IS HOME, LOVE, WARMTH, FUN. I enjoy being here. Everything comes back to this place. Life before Nirim has no real meaning for me. At Nirim, I was BORN AGAIN, I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t been here. The GRADUATES’ HOUSE is not something I take for granted”

“Thank to WILDERNESS EXPERIENCES I have become more relaxed”

“At the end of the lesson the BEST THING happened to me. I finished writing two essays in English, both with over 60 words. I can’t even describe the feeling but I do need to say THANK YOU to you and the rest of the team. Thank you”

“At Nirim I found a QUIET PLACE, something I once knew”


“You do everything to make me feel good, JUST LIKE A BIG SISTER”

“4 years ago, I joined Nirim. It was my FIRST TREK that summer and I immediately realized that I found a NEW FAMILY”

“If you make it through the trek, you could ACHIEVE ANYTHING in life”

“You are a big part of my CHANGE. I see you as a role model and a teacher for life. I learned endless things from you. So, just wanted to say: THANK YOU!”

“When I saw my guide’s smile as she walked into the court room I knew that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK”

“I’ll always be part of this family, the NIRIM FAMILY”



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