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Nihonmachi Street Fair

Back in 1973, the Nihonmachi Street Fair was hatched as an idea to provide leadership and mentorship opportunities for the youth of J-Town and to honor the Japanese-American cultural heritage. As the City’s diversity and cultural awareness has grown, so has the street fair’s focus. The Nihonmachi Street Fair considers itself the original “melting pot” of street fairs, with many aspects of Asian-Pacific American life—and San Francisco’s cultural life—expressed through performance, tradition, art, music, food, and community outreach and service. The formula must work since the organizers had over 30,000 guests participate and attend this year's 40th Annual Nihonmachi Street Fair that was held on the weekend of August 3 & 4.


Experience. Embrace. Enjoy


Nihonmachi Street fair showcases for local and uniquely San Francisco talent and entertainment that spans cultural and generational genres: Taiko, hip-hop, salsa, rock, jazz, and more on two anchor stages. 


The Nihonmachi Street Fair proudly evolves to reflect the city it celebrates while staying true to its original idea: to use this event as a platform to mentor Asian-Pacific American youth and foster their leadership and communication skills through volunteerism and community service. The event is produced, staffed, and organized by youth volunteers, thus providing practical, hands-on experience in collaboration, entrepreneurship, and problem solving. 


The Nihonmachi Street Fair is proud of its history in serving the community through education, service, and youth mentorship. As a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, the Nihonmachi Street Fair receives a grant from the San Francisco Grants for the Arts Program but must rely on income generated through advertising revenue, sponsorship and fundraising efforts to underwrite fees, expenses, and logistical costs associated with producing this annual community celebration. 

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