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Newport Lau Kune Do

Newport Lau Kune Do Kung Fu and Tai Chi -
Sifu Paul McIntyre, S.E.R.T.+ System Founder


With over twenty five years of martial arts training, Sifu Paul McIntyre is a direct lineage Disciple in the Lau Kune Do system under Grandmaster Richard "Hing Wo" Tsim. 

Lau Kune Do combines the teachings of Wing Chun, Hung Gar and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu coupled with the internal teachings of Wu Style Taijichuan and Qi Gong as well as Jiang Style Baguazhang.  Combining these arts and unifying their essence has created an effective and well rounded art for all ages and personal objectives seeking to improve their life and health while working on individual optimization and growth through training and refinement.

He created the S.E.R.T.+ self defense system combining his experience in traditional martial training and five years of personal protective services earning a unique perspective on what works, where danger often hides and how to manage it as effectively as possible.  Using the bodies natural reflexes, coupled with the traditional strategies in hand to hand combat, he began to create a unique self defense system that addresses the very real issue of predatory violence, which is not combative in its nature or intent.

Many self defense and martial arts systems only focus on the target/attacker and how to "take him down fast" once the exchange begins with a combative mindset first.  This neglects the greater parts of the potential encounter and can overlook dominant predetory tactics and behavior instead focusing only on the exchange.  If trained properly, you can often avoid conflict all together while still learning to manage an attacker effectively.  The S.E.R.T.+ system addresses these each in detail with its four core areas of focus that will help you manage your environment more successfully and reduce your chances of freezing under stressful situations that could be life altering.

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