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New Orleans Tours


We are a small family owned and operated business. We are proud of the fact that we manage to run this well known successful business & keep it so family oriented. Each and every family member plays their own part in our business. We have multiple certified tour guides that lead the tours that we offer. Each guide is full of New Orleans knowledge and enjoys sharing the city (past and present) with our guests.

Our most popular and well known tour guide is Ashli. We have guests (many repeat guests!) request Ashli on a daily basis. She does not give as many tours as she did back about 8 years ago when we opened, however she leads tours often. She is full of knowledge regarding every aspect of  New Orleans she is also very entertaining and her personality is bubbly. 99% of our guests love her (heck even the best cant please everyone so we are rolling with 99%) She was awarded most entertaining New Orleans Tour Guide 6 years in a row and currently holds the title. There have been multiple articles written referring to her as the most informative and entertaining tour guide in the city of New Orleans as well as documentaries interviewing her about New Orleans History, Paranormal, The Supernatural World and Voodoo. There have been documentaries interviewing her regarding tourism in New Orleans as well. She has also personally been the tour guide for celebrity guests. She has trained all our additional tour guides and rest assured all tour guides are licensed by New Orleans Safety and Permits. All tour guides are also certified travel professionals. 


Enjoy the series “The Originals”? Ashli gave a tour to the writers of The Originals to provide them with a background on the city and the supernatural scene here in NOLA.  


We have another guide that provided a tour to George Lopez! 

Our tour guides are passionate about this city and we are thrilled to share it with you. Our motto - Learning is Intoxicating!! 


When Ashli, the owner of the company leads and operates the tours she will allow her two daughters (one of which is also a certified tour guide as well) to follow the group on the public sidewalk along with other bystanders and people passing by.  If the girls are in attendance they will not provide any distractions for guests. If there are any distractions it will be elsewhere and since the tours are in the French Quarter there are distractions taking place around the tour groups. Drunks, traffic, trash trucks,  who knows what you may see however we embrace it and go on!  Again, our business is a Small Family Owned and Operated Business and Family is everything to us. When is for each and every person interested in the tour and my guests on tours are treated the very best and I genuinely want each guest to walk away from the tour saying that tour was the very best part of our New Orleans trip!

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