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Networks and Neighbours

Networks and Neighbours is an international, cross-faculty collaboratiove project built upon the excellent work and successes of the ‘Transformation of the Roman World’, HERA ‘Cultural Memory and the Resources of the Past’ and ‘Texts and Identities’.  N&N hopes to forge novel methodologies and critically informed histories of Early Medieval Europe.  As part of this, we set out with the view that if texts present directed meaning because they are sets of signifiers and our minds are developed so as to expect, anticipate and subsequently comprehend complex information through sets, or networks, of ideas, then we can argue that it is the respective, local topology of a past situation, or rather of its functional and malleable discourses, that can provide the modern ‘reader’, or historian, with the framework through which s/he can write a story of the past.

Networks and Neighbours is at its inceptive moment looking forward to developing histories, arguments and modes of thinking that are built from the shared intellectual and research energy of the group as it emerges. 
N&N also publishes an affiliated journal called Networks and Neighbours, a refereed and peer-reviewed open-access, online journal concerned with varying types of inter-connectivity in the Early Middle Ages. Published biannually, the journal collects exceptional pieces of work by both postgraduate students and established academics with an aim to promote the study of how people and communities interacted within and without their own world and localities in the Early Middle Ages. We also welcome reviews of monographs published or re-released within the last five years related to the over-arching theme of ‘Networks and Neighbours’.

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