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Who Are We? We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer group of NEO industry, health care, education, banking, technology, retail, and other business entities who value veterans returning to NEO and want to retain them through assisting with employment, education, housing, health care, and other needs they may have that will cause them to stay, live and work in NEO.

The NEOVETS Strategy is to establish a foothold in the areas of EDUCATION and EMPLOYMENT as retention factors for veterans and their families returning to NEO.

We have already begun this initiative by focusing on four strategies: 
1. POLICY INFLUENCE creating a more seamless connection between veterans military experience and NEO business needs. 
2. INFRASTRUCTURE necessary for supporting returning veterans with contacts for needs analysis and connecting to best practice service providers and employers. 
3. HUMAN INTERFACE individuals who can discern specific veteran needs and direct them to specific providers who can support those needs. 
4. AWARENESS and marketing to identify veteran-supporting employers, close to home service providers, connection with former veterans, etc.

After solid foundational practices are in place NEOVETS, Inc. will expand service delivery into additional areas of; Healthcare, Housing, Family strength, Behavioral health, Financial/Legal, Volunteerism, and any other reintegration need they may have.

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