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Nel-Doná Healing

Nel-Doná Healing is a holistic practice where you come to explore, to heal and to let go. It is where you come to transform the old into something new, and create an authentic and sustaining life. 


Hi, I'm Camilla, a qualified transpersonal art therapist and shamanic healer. My passion is to work with people who are wanting a better life for themselves, who are ready to commit to the powerful work of healing personal wounds and creating an authentic and sustaining life. This is something that looks different for everybody and so my job is to help you really discover what you want and to support you toward it. 


When you work with me you get benefit for your whole being; mind, body and spirit because my approach is holistic and I believe in integrated care. My method is informed by decades of spiritual practice and grounded in psycho-therapeutic study and research. I have a natural healing ability that wsa nurtured from a young age and have practices a number of energetic healing techniques, and trained in Core Shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.


I am also a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist, having studied at the Phoenic Institute of Australia and I help people to access their creative energy through self expression. I am always astounded by the insights clients gain through the art-making process, even if they haven't picked up a crayon since htey left school. I help them to connect to the symbols and scribbles that come out of them because ultimately these are the stories of their experience. And it is through their expression that the power of healing flows.


I am here to empower my clients to find their own answers and carve out their own path. I bring my skills as a healer and therapist to meet them in their healing and transformation, and support them along the way.


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