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Nefertari Muhammad

Living off the Land/How to Eat to Live: The Series


Mission Statement:
By recognizing that we are what we eat;Supreme Compost offers the community much needed assistance in developing and obtaining land/lots,both public and private to be used to grow sustainable agriculture. Mostly in small areas within our community that have been abandon,underdeveloped or neglected.

We teach the concept of "Do For Self";Most people see hurdles to eating extremely healthy because of the cost associates with buying fruits and vegetables as well as fresh herbs and spices etc...

We know that many of us,with a little patience and time can be taught/or learn to grow our own fruits and vegetables in small quantities that can sustain and nurture us,as well as supplement our diets with fresh varieties of the necessary fruits and vegetables that are require to sustain and uplift the mind,body and soul.

We also advocate that the foods offered at many and most of our supermarkets and grocery stores,are genetically modified. In studies show as well as conventional wisdom that if you modify or genetically alter something,it changes the very nature and thus,the original life giving structure of that organisms.

The Health Conscious Movement and World needs,wants and demands to be provided with purely 100% organic and natural foods ,free of fillers,artificial ingredients and GMO's.

This is the tip of the iceberg,since most of our foods and meats are mass produced using questionable and unsafe methods,that are harmful to our environment and often harmful to our health;loaded with pesticides,herbicides and various other chemical contaminations and impurities that have lead to the current health crisis facing the world today.

We offer a comprehensive approach to a very serious dilemma and we seek to incorporate various tried and true agricultural techniques,that start with 100% organic and all natural being the bar that we endeavor to raise and set as the standard.

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