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The mission of Nakia C. Davis Ministries (NCDM) is to minister holistically to women, to reach and meet women where they are, and to address various issues that women face in their lives that are being overlooked and ignored by others in social services and law enforcement agencies, ministries, or the women themselves.  The mission of NCDM is to deal with women's issues at the root level, enabling God to heal, deliver and revive women from bondages and set them free to walk on the path that God has designed for them.


Nakia C. Davis Ministries (NCDM) sees women developing an intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father and their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and then, flowing from those two all-important relationships, see women form positive, loving relationships with themselves, their family, friends, and peers, and authority figures.  Prophetess Davis sees women healed, delivered and revived by God from their bondages, walking confidently, without shame or apology, in joy, peace, and health.  Nakia C. Davis Ministries sees women walking in abundance in all aspects of their life: spiritually; emotionally; intellectually, occupationally; and financially.

My Sisters Circle with Three Circles and a Woman in the Center 


My Sisters Circle International (“MSCI”) is the first program of NCD Ministries where the mission and vision is being manifested.  MSCI has been established by the Lord as a safe place for women as we embraces and grow in beauty, love, intelligence, wisdom and self-worth, while maneuvering through the various situations and circumstances of our everyday life.  The women of the MSCI Experience develop a mature understanding that we must be truthful and transparent with ourselves then with others in order to be delivered, healed and revived.   To learn more about MSCI and NCDM please Click here.  To view powerful messages and sermons from Prophetess Nakia Click here


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