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Hello, there!

I am Nayoung Kim all the way from South Korea. You can call me kim. I came to Phnom Penh to introduce our Meditation Method after 5 years of guiding meditation in Singapore and Manila, Philippines.

Meditation is good and our method is unique.

With Phnom Penh Meditation human can become complete by changing the human mind to universe mind. The most important thing for human is for oneself to be eternally alive.

Human is incomplete because human does not live in the world which is Truth and lives in his own mind world which is overlapped over the world.

Eliminate the mind world which is a picture and the countless thoughts that human has and if one returns to the place that existed before the world appeared, then human, which is incomplete, can become complete.

Meditation is throwing away one’s false self.

One can know all the principles of the world and one can become complete.

The reason this is causing a sensation is because all anyone has to do is discard his false self in order to become complete; This is why it is causing a worldwide sensation.

Fundamental questions about human life such as "Where I came from", "why I live" and "Where I go" will be answered within as one becomes Truth.

Moreover, not only can our method help one enlighten Truth but also it brings about real results in our daily lives.Because we offer scientific and easy-to-follow meditation method, we can offer anyone who wants to improve the quality of life with success, health and true happiness.

Change Your Mind, Change your life!

Do not miss out this valuable chance only once in your lifetime.

We can't wait to introduce our meditation to you and help you reach “Human Completion”

Thanks a lot!


Best Regards,

Nayoung Kim

Phnom Penh Meditation

+855 12 207 104, +855 23 870 045


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