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Aleka C. Thrash is known for her lifestyle blog NaturallyACT that teaches the importance of taking care of yourself both inside and out. She is the co-founder of Kinky Hair Connection a annual event created to connect, support, and encourage naturals as well as those considering the transition and actually transitioning. Her goal is to help women and young girls embrace who they were born to be, naturally.



Aleka is a LocalMotion award recipient for her commitment to social, environmental, and economic responsibility. She has been featured on as a Take 5 Style Influencer and on Hair Street Style: Curly Hair Straight From The Windy City. Her partnerships include Confident Living with Veverly Austin Jessicurl, ECOCO INC., MopTop Hair, Everbutter LLC, Mielle Organic, Lottabody, Confident Wear and many more.

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