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National Wellness Foundation

The National Wellness Foundation (NWF) is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization dedicated to providing resources and information regarding family health and wellness.   The NWF and our members are committed to providing valuable community education, workshops and events relating to relevant health and wellness topics affecting your family and our communities.

The Mission and Goals of the NWF are three fold:

  • Inform: The National Wellness Foundation seeks to share valuable information and resources to the public and the healthcare providers who care for them.
  • Research: The National Wellness Foundation promotes research relating to optimal health expression and optimal healing of adults and children.  Additionally, we are committed to researching the relationship between vertebral subluxation and numerous health concerns affecting children such as ADHD, Allergies, Anxiety, Autsim and more.
  • Educate: The National Wellness Foundation exists to educate the public and to share strategies to achieve optimal health in adults and children through an optimal functioning nerve system.

Specifically, the NWF goals are to heighten awareness and understanding of the importance of the nervous system and its relation to overall health and wellness.  Through the use of webinars, free community workshops, e-newsletters and our member network, we seek to empower and educate both the public and  health care providers with the latest information and options available.

Doctors of Chiropractic and other health care providers will have access to the latest research, training, and support for providing education and resources to the public at large.  The NWF regularly sponsors events and seminars programs teaching outreach programs so that health care providers are up to date and equipped to server their communities.

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