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National Prosthetic Equality Project (NPEP)

ational Prosthetic Equality Project is a not for profit that sole purpose is to enable individuals with amputations to be active members of their community. We believe the best way to achieve this is to provide prosthetic devices or services to that individual. Once that individual receives these services, it removes the barrier that has held this otherwise capable individual back and allows them to flourish in society.

We are facilitators that fund an individual to allow them to receive a prosthesis or prosthetic services. We believe the best way to serve the individual that requires a prosthesis, is to allow them the freedom in choosing their own prosthetist. We believe this freedom will allow the individual to find a prosthetic company that best meets their needs.

National Prosthetic Equality Project was started by individuals that saw and envisioned a way not only to help people but to improve the overall strength of community. We believe that the ability to be a productive member of society should not rest solely on if you are able to afford a prosthesis or not. NPEP started out as a dream, progressed to an idea, and now is a reality. We have come far, but our journey has only started. With your help, our journey will continue and our path will grow wider.

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