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National Association of Asian American Professionals SF Bay Area

NAAAP SF Bay Area is the Bay Area Chapter of the National Association of Asian Professionals (NAAAP). NAAAP SF Bay Area is an all volunteer non-profit organization. We serve and support organizations, associations, and enterprises committed to the betterment of the Asian American community.

The National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that cultivates, supports, and promotes Asian American leaders. NAAAP offers professional development opportunities on the local and national level, engages its membership in community service, and organizes professional networking events. Through NAAAP, members work together to enhance leadership in their careers and communities.

As the largest and fastest growing Asian American professional organization in North America, NAAAP continues to provide its members with the tools and resources to further career advancements and empower Asian Americans to become great leaders and reliable employees. Founded in 1982, NAAAP has since expanded to more than 25 metropolitan cities in the United States and Canada. NAAAP members are affiliated with either a chapter or a venture. Ventures exist as chapter start-ups throughout North America.

NAAAP members include a diverse group of leaders and working professionals, with various levels of educational and professional backgrounds: corporate, small business, non-profit, academic, and governmental. Our members are Asian Americans of all descents, who work together on career advancement while making significant contributions to the community.

For details of what NAAAP is doing across North America, visit the NAAAP National home page.

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