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NASA/Houston Rocket Club (NHRC) #365

CLICK HERE for the National Association of Rocketry, Southwest Region Contest Calendar

The NASA/Houston Rocket Club is composed of model rocket enthusiasts living throughout the greater Houston area. Members range in age and skill level from novice to very experienced. Club members come from all walks of life to share the same love and excitement for the rocketry hobby.

Safety is insured through a comprehensive range safety program. Experienced rocketeers are always available to assist novice fliers.

NHRC Launches are held on the beautiful Johnson Space Center grounds. Please be aware that this area is SECURITY-RESTRICTED (similar to a military base). If you are new to NHRC launches and JSC, you must have your name added to the NHRC Security Access list prior to arriving.

To do this, Click here to download a copy of the NHRC Membership application. Submit this to the address listed at least a week before our launch date to ensure the paperwork get's completed in time. Last second requests may leave you standing at the gate, scratching your head.

Once your name has been added, simply pull up to the guard gate on Saturn Lane, tell them you are heading to the Rocket club launch and show them some form of official ID (Drivers License). If you are bringing family or friends with you, their names must be on the Security Access list as well. After entering the gate, drive past the mighty Saturn 5 and turn left into the driveway immediately after the first building (this is building 14 and is approximately 1/4 mile from the guard house). Follow the driveway around to the back of the building and continue onto the driveway as it continues out into the field. Two groups fly in the field, R.C. airplanes and rockets. The R.C.ers ask that we drive to the left behind their flight prep area and avoid the concrete part of the road which they use for a runway

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