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Creator Performer Muse & Prophet
...In No Particular Order, That Is... 

Naomi Leslie Is A 
Force Of Energy To Be Reckoned With, 
Dabbling In Manifestation, Creation And Performance, 
Of Art Forms Such As, 
Dancing, Acting, Writing And Singing. 
She Is A Muse For Many And A Modern Magic Maker. 
Entertaining Is Her Passion...While...
Revealing A Positive Message Is Her Mission. 
Bringing Forth Prosperity And Guidance 
Summoned From The Unknown. 
She Is A Super Human Radiating Pure Love 
By Way Of Music. 
Naomi Leslie Seeks To Please...
Uplifting The Masses...Radiating Pure Love 
And Touching The Souls Of The Willing.

" I am a Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, Writer, 
Designer, Photographer, Videographer, Producer, Director, an Illustrator, a Painter, a Messenger, & a Lover. " 

" I feel Most Alive when I am 
Manifesting, Creating and Performing, 
whether it be Live Performance, 
on Film or an Audio Recording,... 
I Simply Must Perform. "

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