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Naked in Motion WA



Naked in Motion offers Naked! Yoga and Pilates classes in New York City, Boston, and Seattle to promote body-positivity and offer participants a unique experience of freedom. We aim to provide safer, inclusive spaces where people can take a collective journey through fear towards self-discovery and empowerment.


Your body, just as it is right now, is awesome and deserves care and love. Not the body you used to have or the one you hope to achieve, but the one you’re in right this moment. And if you are trying to change parts of your body, that’s okay too, but we think that change will happen most effectively with an attitude of self-compassion, rather than the typical self-judgement we often adopt when trying to meet “fitness goals” in this modern age of exercise fanaticism.


It is our hope that people will find our classes to be liberating experiences where they can shed their clothes, their worries about what they should look like, and the criticisms they face daily and open up their mind to the possibility of self-acceptance.


For more info, visit our website ( and read our FAQ (! Click here to join our Seattle mailing list!




Naked! = Nudity is mandatory, but trans & cis women, and anyone who was assigned female at birth, have the option to wear bottoms. Menstruation doesn’t necessitate wearing bottoms: feel free to use any menstrual management tools. Also, please make use of anything that affirms and supports your gender (e.g. binders, chest pieces, packers). Everyone should be an active, willing participant and at least 18 years old.


Consent: All physical contact must be consensual. The instructors will ask for permission before offering touch corrections during class. You can change your mind at any time, and any answer is acceptable, so know your boundaries. Anything less than an enthusiastic “yes” means “no.” We will provide an option for you to silently opt-out of adjustments. Our consent policy applies to all situations, including physical contact that may seem appropriate in a clothed setting (e.g. hugs, moving through a crowd), so ask for permission before touching anyone.


• No Cruising: Please abide by the desexualized atmosphere of our classes. Don’t ask to meet up with people outside of class. Nudity is not an invitation for personal advances. Also, refrain from giving unsolicited compliments/comments about someone’s appearance (e.g., “You have a nice body,” “Your hair is pretty”). Err on the side of caution! This applies to live events and online platforms. Email us if you receive unwanted messages online from someone in our group.


Anonymity: If you meet someone at a Naked in Motion event and interact with them in public, please be discreet about where you met. This also applies to online forums. Don’t disclose the identity of anyone in photos/videos you see online.


Be Respectful: We welcome people with bodies of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, genders, sexual orientations, experience levels, abilities, and religious preferences, and we expect you to treat others with respect. Body-shaming or hateful comments of any kind will not be tolerated. Don’t assume: ask for people’s pronouns. Be aware of your gaze: it’s okay to look around if you get lost during the movement, but please don’t stare or focus intently on others.


Cell Phones: Cell phones are strictly prohibited while clothes are off, including after class. Please turn your ringer off! If you need to check your phone while anyone is Naked!, please put on clothes and exit the studio (we don’t want to see it). 


The Erection Question: Not all erections are sexually inspired. Regardless, if you get an erection during movement class, just ignore it, or take Child’s Pose if you prefer. If you get an erection while socializing after class, please don a towel or clothing for the comfort of some participants.


No Latecomers: Everyone is expected to be on time to hear the rules (even if you've heard them before). We lock the doors when it’s time to undress. Once the door is locked with the sign on the door, no further entry will be permitted, NO EXCEPTIONS, and we don't give refunds for latecomers. Do not knock or disrupt class in an attempt to gain late entry.


Be Sober: Sobriety is mandatory. If you exhibit signs of visible intoxication, we will ask you to leave.


Bring a mat & towel: FOR OPEN FLIGHT STUDIO: YOU MUST BRING A MAT! Please check the event details to see if the space offers mat rentals. We strongly encourage you to bring your own mat & towel, but some of our studios have a limited number of mats available to rent for $2. If you do need to rent a mat, you must bring a towel.

If you experience or witness a rule violation, please notify your teacher in person ASAP. Your privacy will be respected. The instructor reserves the right to ask anyone to leave, and those who do not follow the Community Rules will not be welcome to future Naked in Motion classes.


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