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NACCTP: Noeticus Addiction Counselor Clinical Training Program™

The Noeticus Addiction Counselor Clinical Training Program™ (NACCTP) is a program of the Noeticus Center for Professional Development (NCPD) in Denver, Colorado, USA. The curriculum of the NACCTP is primarily designed to provide OBH required training for mental health professionals utilizing Pathway 2 toward CAC/LAC credentialing. Thus the majority of attendees at our classes have completed or are in the process of completing a clinical master's degree. This does not preclude Pathway 1 learners from taking our courses, but the curriculum flow is not designed to meet their training requirements. All of our CAC/LAC classes are pre-approved by NAADAC and NBCC for continuing professional education and thus can be taken to meet licensure and certification renewal requirements as well as to stimulate and encourage ongoing professional learning and development. 

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