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Myra Dorsey- Owner of Labodi' Massage Inc. MBE/DBE Certified

The passion to create a therapeutic massage practice was driven by the fact that after receiving massages on a monthly basis for over ten years straight, Myra  Dorsey wanted to focus her career in a more positive facet by offering a service that would aid in providing individuals a better way of life and allowing the general population to take ownership of their health, wellbeing, and physical endurance, by being the catalyst to bridge the connection where most fall short.

Working in the Corporate Human Resources environment for over 15 years for three top fortune 500 companies in their industries (Aerospace, Financial, Chemical respectively) and accepting increasingly more responsibility by assuming Corporate Leadership positions, Myra decided to utilize her business management background and expertise to launch her own business where she would be able to add something of value to others and fade away from the uncertainty and harsh world of the Corporate environment she once was very entrenched in. The decision to change industries and pursue a career in massage was long overdue and necessary to bring balance back to Myra’s life where she no longer had to be held accountable to anyone else other than herself and where she could direct her own livelihood.

Myra has launched LaBodi' Massage to unexpected heights in a short period of time. The Company has over 40 therapists who work on Corporate contracts all over the state of Maryland and Myra herself expands her sports massage expertise by working on some of the Baltimore Ravens & Baltimore Mariners.

Myra now hopes to share her knowledge by teaching others how to relieve daily stress and tension in the body by offering a new service through the company- Couples Massage. LaBodi" Massage will be forever evolving and we are so glad you selected to join us in the journey!

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